Question about ratings

When determining the change in your rating after a game, does the system use your opponents overall rating or his rating for whatever time control you played?

Both, each rating for the corresponding one. (E.g. you play blitz, so you’re blitz rating is compared with their blitz rating and your overall rating with their overall rating.)


Hmm, I guess this explains this seeming contradiction:

My average rank is higher than each of my individual ranks:

  • Individual Blitz = 23k (0 games)
  • Individual Live = 22k (24 games)
  • Individual Correspondence = 23k (0 games)
  • –> Average = 21k!


Apparently, the opponents that I won against had better “Average” ratings (or ranks) than “Live” ratings, so my “Average” rating grew faster than my “Live” rating.

@TinyLittleRook: Exactly. Seeming contradiction, but really not at all a contradiction. :smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: In fact, I should rather say “total” or “overall” than “average”, that better tells what it actually is.

And in fact, the tooltip does say “overall” and not average. So everything is correct. What a great go site!