Question about relay games

  1. What are relay games? :flushed:
  2. How do they work on OGS? :flushed:

In most cases, I think, people are talking about relaying games from an external tournament. That means setting up demo boards to recreate and follow games of interest that are actually played by other people off of OGS. This is just a convenience to allow people to watch and discuss those games from the OGS site.

However, maybe it could mean something else depending on the context. Where did you see that phrase used?


I’m pretty sure yebellz is spot on, but further context could enlighten the situation.

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I’ve seen the term in forums but hadn’t asked until now (as usual).

And earlier today there was a sitewide announcement about a tournament game, and the link was a review board, where the reviewer was an actual account (I guess the one putting in the moves played IRL) and there were the two players’ names but they didn’t link to actual OGS profiles. I’d like to start watching those games, but I’m not sure how it works.

People putting the moves in the review can be official part of the tournament, being close by, or let’s say an OGS member can watch a game played online elsewhere or at a live tournament and put a demo on OGS to share with the rest of us and offer commentary?

Yep. Anyone can make a relay. They don’t need to physically be at the tournament. Many relays here are copied from foreign streams or other go servers, but as with the ones from yesterday, some are from representatives of national tournaments.

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Last question and I think I’m covered:

In a demo board, if the players are OGS members you can link the profiles? If they are not, you just enter them by hand?

AFAIK this isn’t a feature we offer… Usually if two players are playing on ogs I think we do a review rather than a demo board…? But even if they have accounts but are playing IRL I don’t think you can directly link to them from the demo board (but I’m not certain on that)

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(meaning, they are mock accounts just for the demo?)

Last question, I swear.

Yeah even though it looks like a link, on demo boards you type whatever name you want, the links don’t go anywhere or do anything… that’s just how the CSS on the name section is setup since it’s normally a link to an account lol


OK thank you I understand now exactly :slight_smile:

… and then you ruined it :expressionless:


CSS is webapge styling. The name is normally a link, so the CSS styles the text to look like a link. It just so happens that on a demo board the name isn’t a link, but it still uses the same CSS so it still looks like a link.

You can ignore I said any of this if I’m still ruining your exact understanding :slight_smile:


I understood this also, but please stop now. :slight_smile: