Question about scoring

I can’t seem to wrap my head around how the score is calculated with territory scoring.
If the score is (territory white - prisoners white) - (territory blk - prisoners blk), shouldn’t the score be (17 - 1) - ( 0 - 3) = 19?
I’m sorry if this seems really dumb.

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The problem is that black is actually not alive. White can capture the black stones whatever black tries. So in fact all the black stones are prisoners:

17 territory for white, 0 territory for black. 3 captures for black, 13 captures for white. Therefore the score is (17 - 3) - (0 - 13) = 27 points for white. It’s actually more than 25 points, because black played a few stones in an area that was killed already (thus effectively handing over extra prisoners to white)

I’ve made a small review of how white captures the stones.


Ow okey thank you!