Question about specific move

I have a question:
After move 25, AI keeps insisting for W to play at J11 (don’t ask, no idea, I guess I thought I had bigger things to do), but it doesn’t suggest J11 when it’s B’s turn to play. For B, it keeps suggesting upper left corner.

Why is that? If it’s imperative for one to take it, isn’t it obvious that the other one should take it first?

And in a similar situation, at move 35, it suggests W plays away (although the percentage difference is much smaller, so I think it’s a negligible AI thing).

Bonus question: at move 89, I played at 1st line to prevent any ambitious intruders, why is it 11% drop comparing to F12?

Bonus-bonus question: at moves 94-96, it gives A2-A3-A2. I know my tsumego game is weak, but is this a vital point difference? If it’s a tsumego thing, shouldn’t both colors go for the vital point? I tried playing around a bit, but I don’t see the difference.

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I can have go at this one. It’s an 11% drop but only 1.7 points. The played sequence leaves you with a gote follow up and your opponent with a sente one. The suggested sequence leaves it as gote for both of you. So what you played is essentially giving your opponent 1 point and sente. If you do that for all the endgame exchanges you end up down a lot of points!
I hope I’m close!

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And this one! It’s not tsumego, in that no one is going to die. But if black plays a2 white can’t block/cut at a3 because of the self Atari. So black steals three (i think) points from the corner. But if white plays a3 first then the three points are safe from any shenanigans.

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Hm, now that you explained it, I think I’ve encountered something similar in a previous teaching game or sth. I guess it wasn’t a lesson learned. :-/

I made a demo just for a bit of fun. Hopefully it shows the difference in move order for three endgame situations. One (on the right) is double gote - i e. Gote for both players, one (at the bottom) is double sente and the last one on the left is gote for black and sente for white.
If white plays the sente ones first and finishes with the gote one it’s a win. If she starts with the gote one then it’s a loss…
Things to note:
Check which of the endgame points are double sente, double gote and mixed. Play them in the right order, sente first then the gote one which blocks opponent’s biggest sente, then the rest of the gote ones.
Playing in the wrong order can add up to enough points to reverse a result, especially on 19x19.

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