Question about the Lizzie Leela Zero GUI

Hey there! I have a quick and probably straight-forward question. The Lizzie README indicates that the first launch of the program takes a while to start up as the software needs tuning. How long does this first launch take to start up? Thanks!

I think that will depend on the system that is being used. At least if the system is older, it will likely take longer. I’m sporting a GTX260 and Core 2 Duo CPU. When it first starts up it runs two tests on your GPU to check out what it is working with. Part of that check is to establish what version of OpenCL that you have. In my case, my card only sports OpenCL 1.0. LZ requires v1.1 and prefers v1.2. So in my case, it took 5 minutes.

I tried reinstalling it a few times, before I figured out why it was taking so long (that my card has OpenCL 1.0). Once it is finished running the GPU test it creates the file “leelaz_opencl_tuning.txt”. Once that is created, LZ should start up like normal. I use the CPU only version and mine starts up in about 5 to 10 seconds, depending on my system load.


Sorry for not getting back to you right away. Thanks for the help. I originally tried the GPU version. I am running a small windows PC that is not designed for any heavy gaming and only pretty light tasks. I tried for about twenty minutes but then my graphics card started to glitch out. That was my wake up call to give it up and go back to the CPU version of the program.

…Come to think about my graphics card was manufactured in 2012 or 2013 and I haven’t even updated the driver since then… :smile:

No worries and you are welcome :blush:. OpenCL 1.1. was introduced in late 2012. So there is a chance that your card supports OpenCL 1.1. If you wanted to check, you can use a free piece of software to do it. I did this with my own card. Just run it, and it displays information in a window about your GPU: GPU Caps Viewer.

I have been doing more research on Leela Zero. I don’t plan on buying a new GPU anytime soon, so I am going to have to get by with the CPU only approach. I learned that you can compile LZ to work with 9x9. I tried really hard but I just couldn’t accomplish the various tasks necessary to do it.

However, while researching, I found somebody who had a 9x9 trained weights file for LZ. So all I need is a 9x9 version of LZ. I also found a user on reddit who is willing to compile a version for me, though I haven’t asked him to send it yet. I plan to do that in the next day or two. Really all we ever would need is somebody out there who would be willing to compile a 9x9 version of the latest LZ, each time it is released.

I will be switching to Linux soon, and I was going to see if I had better luck compiling when I got there. But in the mean time, this is a great way to use the CPU Only approach with LZ. He said that it should be superior to regular Leela. Once I get a chance to test it out, I’ll be sure to report back here with the results.

I can tell you that when I use the CPU Only 19x19 version of LZ, it produces different results from Leela on a regular basis. I often think the moves are better. I’ve gotten in the habit of using them both. Unfortunately Lizzie, the GUI for LZ, has some issues. These issues mean that using LZ takes a little extra longer to utilize than Leela does. So I don’t always check LZ for it’s opinion.

If you find any of this interesting or would like me to provide you with a 9x9 copy when I get one, just let me know. I’ve been using Leela for about a month to study and I’ve gained two Kyu ranks. Leela has helped me to identify weaknesses in my own playing style. Helped me to understand that placing a stone one intersection away for my current gut reaction, can be a huge difference.

But you likely already know this, since you mentioned that you already using Leela :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Mulsiphix1 here you can use weights from 9x9 to 25x25 with lizzie with some of the links provided.

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Based on the conversation in the issue that you linked, it appears that the 9x9 weights are not that strong. A few different users commented on this. I’m currently in the process of trying to find 9x9 weights and trying to find someone who makes 9x9 builds when LZ is updated. I’ve found some older 9x9 builds, but I’d prefer to find something newer. I’ll report back if I find anything.


@Mulsiphix1 depends how strong you want, as the
weights are good enough to beat 9d humans.


Could someone link some game records for LZ 9 x 9 games, perhaps with commentary?

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I don’t know about commentary. It might be worth asking on reddit: /r/baduk/ or /r/cbaduk/ to see if anybody knows of an individual who commentates AI vs AI games. It seems likely there is somebody out there playing LZ and commentating their own games, but I haven’t come across it in my travels yet.

In regards to seeing LZ 9x9 games with AI vs AI, you can definitely find some at CGOS. These are bots of all types there and they all face one another. To find LZ vs LZ matches, look for LZ, Leelaz, or a name where those letters appear inside the title. Click on that user to see games they play. Then look their opponents for other LZ or Leelaz bots. These will be Leela Zero vs Leela Zero games.

Several different people are training 9x9 weights. I have never been interested in watching AI vs AI matches. Mainly because I don’t yet have the skill to play in the manner that they jump around. That style of play blows my mind, because I simply cannot follow the reasoning for it yet. Then again I’m still getting comfortable identifying Sente and Gote a lot of the time. Well, not so much identifying it as keeping it in mind as I play :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


I finally have all the files for a 9x9 version of Lizzie. I just need to find the time to write up a post about it, organize the files, and make them available online. I hope to post it within the next week or two, depending on how crazy my schedule gets. This version that I am using is much better than the one I grabbed from the GitHub page. Although it does takes aaround 50 seconds to load. I found that very odd and annoying, so I tried loading it up in Leela Zero, as opposed to Lizzie (the GUI).

I could see here that program loaded as quickly as it normally did, although when it got to the part where it loads the weights file into memory, that is where the hold up was happening. There isn’t anything that I can do about it, at least not with my current knowledge.

However, I thought that it might be worth mentioning that the size of the wait you experience when Lizzie starts up, where you are staring at the empty board and the “Leela Zero is loading…” message, is directly related to your weights file. For your information :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: