Question and cancelled ranked games [Solved]

“B+Cancellation, ranked,” I suppose Cancellation is not ranked, correct?


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It will usually say “annulled” if it isn’t ranked after the game ends instead. Unless it is an unranked game then idk.


If you use the slide bar at the bottom you will notice it actually says

B+Cancellation, ranked, annulled

Cancellation is when you or your opponent ends the game before the first two moves have been played. For games with more than 2 moves it says “Resignation”.

And indeed, cancelled games are automatically annulled.


For wider screens, it’s quite odd design that the column isn’t just made wider (responsively).

Wasn’t someone (maybe @RubyMineshaft) working on a profile page redesign?

On my personal profile page, I’ve already made the game history column wider, along with several other enhancements.


I agree with you completely. This is how anoek wants it :man_shrugging:

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I was working on that at one point, but I got busy and completely forgot about it. When I have a bit of extra time, I’ll have to dig that branch out and take another look at it.

Edit after seeing BHydden’s post:

If that’s how the bossman wants it, I suppose there’d be no point in spending the time to redo it.


It’s possible there is some middle ground, as far as my memory serves, the issue was maintaining a similar experience between mobile and PC? to me though the wasted space on either side is ludicrous

I would much rather see some scaling system used where bigger screens do not have blank space and smaller screens don’t have hidden elements