Question : choice of sides - name of the game


Rules state that “the player with higher rank should play as white” : which rank is it ? The overall rank or the live rank ? They sometimes differ.

Also, if the ranks of the players are the same, then I guess that the colours are randomly attributed. How, then, can the game’s title be chosen in advance (the format is TNL - date - White vs. Black). I think it’s not really an issue but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Thanks for your help !

I think that the “rank” is the order of the list in your class listing on the nova website. Which - incidentally - is the only influence of this order that I can determine.


@hqrpie @Wulfenia Yes, the player with a relatively higher spot in the class should play as White. :smile: Let me know if you have any remaining questions.


When I first read the title I though “Choice of sides? Fries or mashed potatoes?” :laughing:


Okayyyy it makes sense now. Thanks !

That can be Though for the First one in the list

Why? We are playing with komi, after all.

@Wulfenia Yes, there is komi. :slight_smile: We might conduct future polls on the website for opinions, however.

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