Question to "Lessons in the fundamentals of go" by Kageyama Toshiro

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner in go and am currently reading the book mentioned in the topic. I only own the german version of it, so i can’t relate to the original page number the problem occurs, but its in Chapter 5, fig. 22 in the german version.

I set up a demo of the problem the author discusses:

Okay, I understand why his suggestion is good, especially with the bomb at the end. Sadly, he only very very briefly illustrates why move 45 of the first variation in the demo is bad. He mainly refers to a Tesuji I don’t know. He names some moves of that Tesuji which I think or only the beginning of the Tesuji (that assumption might be wrong and I simply don’t see that it has ended already :stuck_out_tongue: )
I illustrated in the demo what I think that Tesuji might proceed like, but I’m a bloody beginner and therefore wonder what better players think.

Thanks in advance,

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If i read the English version, page 105, the tesuji the author is refering to, is the cross-cut itself:

…and White will crosscut at 13, a tesuji for dodging Black’s attack, so some care is necessary.

Here, move 13, is move 48 in the variation you posted.

There is no super move you missed, white simply always get something out of the fight.


Okay, thanks! Seemed odd to me that the crosscut is the tesuji :stuck_out_tongue: But fair enough, thanks for your helpful comment!