Questions about git branching usage for project

Hello our dear developers :slight_smile:

I have few questions about the codebase and the git branches usage you make for the git project

Feel free NOT to answer :slight_smile: it’s just for my understanding and maybe for those who don’t get it clearly neither:)

The master branch doesn’t seem to evolve as fast as the production code from one side and from the other side the producton code is apparently not synced to the develop branch.

So, what is the cycle or transition steps before code arrives to production ?
I guess the beta website code is always the code within the develop branch, but it’s just an assumption.
But definetely, we don’t have access to the running code in production or am I wrong ?


I might not necessarily be the target of your questions, but still being curious I’ll ask back - why do you care? Feel free NOT to answer :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile:

Your question is smart and I should have shared my need :slight_smile: One use case would be the following:

When I’m interested in a fix or in an evolution, I would like to know if it has been merged to the production line without trying to reproduce the bug or having to test the evolution in the production environment.

Naturally, I would check if the commit has been merged in the master branch but as said before, it doesn’t contain the real production code.
If my assumption is correct regarding the develop branch and the beta website, I only can know if the beta website has integrated the fix of the evolution.
But, in my case, I don’t mind since I’m not a beta website user (so far). I’m more interested in knowing if the production website has integrated the change.

I hope I made it clear :slight_smile:


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I do understand your curiosity and being a contributor myself I admit that it always feels tempting to know the delivery date. From my past experience - the releases seem to happen every few weeks, depending on urgency and stability of provided fixes.

Any contribution would anyway start with feature request or bug report. Even the greatest idea needs some discussion and verification. With that in place it becomes obvious if problem have been previously addressed or not. The release cycle is short enough to leave very little space for uncertainty and in very unlikely case that fix is ‘in-flight’ anoek would surely point that out in newly reported problems.

Any change that got accepted into devel is almost guaranteed to meet production eventually, so simply ignore the master branch and contribute!

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