Questions about puzzles

Hey, I have a view questions and would be grateful for some answers:

  1. Can anyone tell me how to add puzzles to my puzzles? Or is that just for the puzzles that I created my self?

  2. If my puzzles is just for self created puzzles, than is there any way to save the puzzles I am working on, so I can easily pick up on the once I did last.

  3. Does anyone has tips for a puzzles that is about the starting strategies. Not starting in terms of beginner but in terms of putting the first peaces on the board. How to win the first corner fights and so on.

Thank you!

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Maybe you will find your answers here.

You can add puzzles that you haven’t created yourself.
The puzzles database is full with Seigen, Hashimoto, Maeda, etc.

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thank you! will have a look at it

Ah no thats not what I was looking for, but still. Thank you for the effort!

I think it is only the puzzles you’ve created yourself.

I’m not sure about this, sorry.

There are some puzzle collections for the opening here which seem good:

Searching for “opening” in the puzzles section may help, too. Good luck!

I m not sure puzzles is the best place to elaborate puzzles.
Easier way is to use first a demo board or even a sgf editing software and then, when it’s all well rounded to share it in the puzzles collection here.

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