Questions about "white to live" format [resolved]

Saw a player playing games with way to much handicaps and komi. And a few times.

It’s unranked, and they make it abundantly clear that the object of the game is “white to live” and they add the high komi so that win / loss accurately reflects the game format…

what exactly is your problem with this situation?


Just … doesn’t really feel like the way go should be played alongside with the insane komi.

You’re missing the point… the game is “white to live” which means white wins the whole game if white gets a single living group.

The komi is set up so that black has to kill every white stone to win. And the handicap is set up so that making a living group is quite difficult. It helps both players practice their life and death skills.


Man, will you be confused by this game… Or this one for that matter…


Thue-morse go and cube go. Isn’t there another confusing variation besides kill-all go(and capture go is not confusing)

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Plenty! See this page on Sensei’s library

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I get it now :disappointed_relieved:

haha. @ginger2008, want to try thue morse go? I would have to find how it works, but if I had someone else who didn’t know what they were doing, then I wouldn’t give myself grief about being the only one like that.


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