Quick-chat for chat-banned

After a particularly intelligent, well considered appeals email, I am wondering if it would be possible and worthwhile to allow chat-banned users to access the default quick-chat options?


I wouldn’t think so. Chat banned people are often that way for spam. What would stop them from spamming that?

I think that any intelligent and considerate appealant ought to be able to control themselves well enough to get full chat privileges back, or live with the consequences of not being able to do so.

Quick-chat options aren’t training wheels for folk without the capacity to control themselves appropriately in chat, I think…


I am more thinking of those users who may be fine 99% of the time but just have a couple of issues that might trigger intermittent problems with chat.

For example, they may handle bad behavior from other users poorly or they may be dealing with IRL stresses and not be able to judge when to stay off-line.


Yes, those cases are hard, but you couldn’t just say “chatban doesn’t apply to quick chat” as solution.

You’d need something like “selectively enable quickchat for this person” because we have appraised them in this way.

Thats a lot of coding and care going into something fairly corner case?

If it were front-end only, it’s something the community could add as a “caring OGS” type thing.

But does it make the cut for back-end prioritisation :woman_shrugging:


Isn’t this kind of open quick chat a feature of discourse somewhere? Then it should be easy to implement.

Would be spamming a problem inside it? Not sure on that, giving an opportunity of communication may be better as letting them go complain in other servers.

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Kosh was referring to the existing drop-down of “quick chat selections” in the game-chat entry box:

You can spam your game with these with two mouse clicks.

I also note that you can edit them, so that would have to be disabled for this use-case.

All-in-all, I believe that people who are unable to conduct themselves appropriately in chat for any reason, no matter how unfortunate, have to live with the (really pretty mild) consequences.


O I wasn’t on this at all. Sorry.
I was thinking of the ability for banned to have access to a specific place to open a thread.
My bad.


That place would be very amusing (but NSFW!) to read, given the reason many folk are chat banned :wink:

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Tell me if I am wrong but some forum have this feature, leaving an open door for some direct communication :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what feature you are referring to.

Maybe some places allow people a place to communicate with other like minded people in ways that the rest of the community finds unacceptable? I’m not sure what would motivate OGS to provide that feature.

If you only mean that chat-banned people should be able to communicate to moderators - they can: appeals@online-go.com is this direct communication channel.

If I had to guess, I would guess that the person Kosh was referring to in the original post was upset that they can’t say “gg” at the beginning of the game, or reply to the opponent’s “gg”, so they feel like the chat ban is forcing them to be rude.

I am familiar with this complaint - it’s been made before. I find it remarkable that folk who are so rude in general that moderators have had to remove their chat privileges are yet still worried that if they don’t say “gg” they will be considered rude :woman_shrugging:


They can send PMs as well, although not completely reliable.

I’m not sure that the email is completely relative either. In fact my anecdotal sense is that it’s less reliable than a pm… But maybe the policy is not to even acknowledge emails where the appeal is rejected?

we regrettably don’t maintain 100% coverage over appeal emails, our team like much of the world is stretched thin at the moment, but they’re definitely better than relying on a PM, especially for users already chat banned

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Are you sure? I thought I had evidence to the contrary…

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What is NSFW?

I guess Not Safe For … but what W means?


It must be

Not Safe For Weiqi

of course :slight_smile:


It stands for “not safe for work” and is used as a sort of “content warning” descriptor for things that would be inappropriate to have open at work - vulgarity, obscenity, pornography, etc. all falls into the category of “NSFW”.


A few more years of OGS forum and I’ll be ready to migrate to US.

Thanks, polar-bear