Quick growth... too quick? Looking for advice

I play Go since less than two years. At the beginning I played only against app on smartphone, on 9x9 board, for few months, then arrived on OGS on april 2016. I started as 20 kyu, played only about 50 games 9x9 in a year then, on april 2017 I subscribed the three main site ladders.

Now, five months later, I’m 9k, #27 on 9x9 ladder, #40 on 13x13 ladder… isn’t it too good to be true? I really didn’t expect these results and I’m waiting for a big snapback. Am I wrong?

I play only correspondence games and often use game analysis before submitting my move. Is this the issue, maybe?
I also played few games on 19x19 because they take much longer. Climbing the 19x19 ladder seems to be a slow process.

Thank you for any advice or suggestion.


I see no problem. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile: but to be fair to your question, you may notice many on the ladder are not challenging upwards so you are simply being rewarded for effort. The ladder system rewards effort and encourages playing which is all good of course. The only ‘snapback’ you will experience will be on the board and if you take a break from challenging as you can drop quickly as others leap-frog you.

Good luck and enjoy.


First of all, its nice that you are progressing :slight_smile: and even nicer that you are progressing at a rate faster than you expected. congratulations!

I dont really see the threat of a “big snapback”. that would mean you would have to get worse all of a sudden for some reason? i cant imagine why that would be the case?
that being said, it is obviously possible that your skill on 19x19 boards and in live games lags behind your strenghts a bit. but since you already recognised that, there shoudnt be much of a shock if that turns out to be the case :wink:.

EDIT: oh… and i recommend playing at least some games with analysis disabled :slight_smile:. its a bit bothersome for correspondence games, because it will also disallow planning conditional moves, but its very good practice and can quickly show you how much you actually rely on the help.


kickaha has it right about 19x19 as did you. I also play mostly 9x9 but I have been able to ‘bridge the gap’ in my knowledege to a large degree with ‘Fundamental Principles of Go’ by Yilun Yang.

A must-read for anyone trying to adjust to the larger board, especially if,like me, you are not suited or inclined to memorise a mountain of joseki/fuseki.

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Thanks @Kosh, I was just thinking about studying some book.

@kickaha: I climbed up the ladder quickly because I’ve always challenged players about my rank (the same rank or 1-2 stones stronger). Perhaps I’m afraid that all other players stronger than that will challenge me in the next days. :slight_smile:
Luckily they only can do it three at a time! :wink:

I like your advice to disable anallysis. Even better if I could find the opportunity to play live games, either in real life or on the server. Unfortunately I haven’t much time for that.

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