Quick positions

First question is should we cut or is there something better to play?
Then where are the. Cutting stones/ could be under pressure groups…

White has a problem with the E14 group which is cutting stones but which lack liberties

Besides cutting at C disconnect nicely w in two weak groups in a larger scale.

In my opinion b has to develop his two stones in the upper right corner so cutting at C or wait. (Q12 ?)


Yeonwoo vs ?, six-stone game. How should Black play?

  • O, preparing two eyes
  • X, preparing two eyes with capture
  • in the A1–J3 26-move rectangle, and where in it?
  • tenuki

I would simply play X, denying White the A1 atari and preparing an emergency eye at O.

The game proceeded bF2, A1+, Xx, B2, B3??, ORIP, tk.

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B1? It then looks difficult for white to break black’s connection.

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A of course

Isn’t A1 the only option?

extend the black stone out to avoid Atari

That’s A1, yeah. B1 is the hane and B2 is the kosumi.

Final answer then. lol

B3 looks the strongest move to me

F2 is ٩◔̯◔۶ , trying to capture 5 stones of a pro. :stuck_out_tongue:

“of a pro” that’s the shortest way to lose, thinking like this


Yes, but I would get myself safe first. Those 5 stones are in a very bad place and may die naturally. No need to capture them now, unless of course, you can read it out. I can’t, so I will leave them alone for now.

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I don’t think any of the suggested moves are bad enough to lose half a stone, except perhaps A3.

I particularly dislike A3 due to bA3 A1+ Xx B2 O B3 (as I said in the deleted post), as White cuts through Black’s shape.

The options X, A1, B1 and B2 seem most immediately relevant.

I like those choices because they prevent White from making the jug shape with the full triangle and the A1 and B2 stones – that shape is a great source of strength for White.

It wasn’t the fault of F2 that Black died in the game, ofc: he failed to play O at the crucial time.

I don’t like X, A1 and B2 as much as B1. Those moves save black’s group lower left group, but they don’t really link up and they don’t have nice follow-ups, so those moves are slow.

On the other hand, B1 basically links up and it has a nice follow-up at C1 if white doesn’t play there (black will respond at B2), so it puts some pressure on white.

A3 restricts w eye space on the edge and has a nice follow up connection at A2 if w don’t connect after A1-X exchange.

Yes, but after the A1 X exchange, white B2 connects with a double threat (kill the lower left in ko or push through at B3).

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I am confused by the notation, my first and only choice was indeed the iron pillar B3, not a3

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Cat notion

Six-stone game, White to play.

X is the (ddk) game. My instinct is that C is best.