Random Chat Thread

We updated it recently in March.

The main part of the site also has chat rooms, and I hear there’s an interesting side game involving black and white stones.


Then why are you reading it?

So it is very new?

I think the game with the stones has been around for a while


you mean go

Go? To where?


I mean the game go

that you play on the ogs website

what is the stones game


At some point, this is just the most random thread. Kinda tempted to change the name.

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Isn’t that the point.
To become a random chat thread.

should i change the name to random chat thread

you would have to teach me how though

I’ll just do that for you. For future reference, you go to the title and hit the pencil. You then change the name or category and hit the check mark. Then it saves your edit.



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Person A:
Is the learn carry better than the garden?

Person B:
Did the fabulous combine really hook the whereas?

Person A:
What if the definite buddy ate the candle?

Person B:
Did the distorted cat really flap the necessary?

Person A:
The imported position unpacks into the ad hoc introduction.

Person B:
Is the heap white better than the view?

Person A:
The prize beyond rocks into the wilted quit.

A lot of these randomly generated sentences seem to be questions. It also likes the word ate. I prefer it to the ones that have a database of standard sentences that it chooses at random, at least for this purpose.


I will let the rest of this text be decided by a computer. To be precise, every word after the following string of numbers will be the name of a special dimension. For example, all the words after 2000 will refer to:

dimension (w # "100 100 " )

When we use this identifier we are telling a computer that we want the dimension be named “w”. We do this by setting the dimension’s properties:

calculator . layout . dimensions ( 2000 , 10000 , 10 )

Next, we create a program that will use the equations we have worked out and calculate the ideal trajectory.

The first step of this program is to print the original movement value of each ray in the scene so the


kind of interesting

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