Random Chat Thread

Use this just to talk about whatever you feel like

Please talk

I guess you’re just really bored? :wink:

This would fit better into the General Chat category.


I am very bored. I didn’t know their was a General Chat category.

I moved it for you.
Basically the general chat is for random un-go-related stuff.


Thank you for moving it

I didn’t know you could move it after you already created it.

Also please say stuff in less posts.

Also why did you choose the OGS development category? It closes after three months, and it is meant for developing the site? Are you new to the forums or haven’t read the welcome post?

Also you posted on my topic that was in general chat. Obviously there is a general chat section.


What do you mean?

I didn’t know what category to choose. And I haven’t read the welcome post. What even is the welcome post.

Hi i just edited this post

This is not a chat, and it gets annoying when you say stuff in 5 posts you could’ve said in 1. You can always edit you posts after you write them, until about 30 days afterwards.


I just found out you can edit posts.

Right here:

It’s kinda old so it may be outdated slightly. I haven’t read it in a while.


Ok thank you for showing me I will read it.

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Let me double check, the main part is no spamming and be nice?


There is something somewhere that explains the categories somewhere in a thread. I just don’t know where.

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@Sports_for_Life , what are you doing today? :slight_smile:
And what time is it where you are?


Odd how he ditched us after he was talking a bunch.

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I am doing nothing today. And it is nighttime here.

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I am reading a seemingly pointless thread on OGS instead of doing work I’m paid to do.