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Logging in to the forums

If you have an account on OGS then you can log in easily by clicking the Login button above. It’ll briefly verify your account and redirect you back here and you’ll be logged in. For new users it will take you to the front page of OGS where you can easily create a new account. Once created, come back here and click the login button.

Note: You may notice your email address listed on this system is not your real email address, this is because we do some magic to route mail back through the main OGS system so you only have to keep your email address up to date in one location (the main site).

Forum Rules

This is an open forum for discussing all things related to Go. A general “Be nice” rule is in effect, no one likes jerks :smile:. Heated discussions happen and in general are fine up to a certain point, but personal attacks or uncalled for rudeness will not be tolerated. Be nice and keep things fun :smile:

Advertising software, sites, or anything else related to Go is fine, just don’t spam. Discussing events or interesting things happening on other servers is fine, just don’t spam.

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