Useful Hints For Using This Forum

Hey everybody,

since this is a very modern forum software which most of us are not used to, I thought it might be a good idea to collect some useful hints :slight_smile:

First one I’d like to add is this:

You can directly paste screenshots from your clipboard into the text box, like I’m doing here

At least this works on a Mac using OS X.

(For screenshots on OS X: cmd+3 is whole screen and saves a file on the desktop, additionally pressing ctrl sends it to your clipboard; cmd 4 is for objects (like windows or menus), pressing space after that gives you a crosshair for selecting an area, and again, additionally pressing ctrl while you select the area (or the object) sends it to the clipboard instead of saving a file.

This is very practical since I don’t have to save any files on my disk and search for them when I want to post … I can simply go anywhere, take a screenshot directly to the clipboard and paste it here:

Since “print screen” does something similar on Windows (send a full screen screenshot to the clipboard), you could try the same.

See also

Could this be useful for you?

Cordially, Tom


Second one is about watching/tracking threads resp. turning it off.

Beneath the thread & comments there’s this button with a popup menu that may automatically change its status (depending on your forum preferences)

For you it might look like this (again, depending on your settings), here without the popup menu:

And you can also set your prefs globally, as mentioned, on your forum preferences page:

Please add your own hints if you think they could be unknown but useful for others :slight_smile:

Greetings, Tom


Finally, a list of emoticons

turns to: :godmode: :triumph: :sparkles: :boom:

See also for the codes

:sparkles: Fun, fun, fun :smiley:


:dizzy_face: That’s alot of emoji! Now here’s to hoping they switch back the icons in a future patch, these new smilies are creepy =/


yes, but at least we have some

BTW I really, really really love these icons: STRATO - Domain not available — ten pages of lovely smilies created by a nice young German lady. It is possible to integrate them in forums but one has to contact her. Quite certain she wouldn’t want any money.

Sadly, that site doesn’t exist anymore :cry:

Greetings, Tom

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Thanks, BTW, for pinning this … < honoured >

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Well … forum features are far from fathomed, at least for me.

Right now I tried to strike out a few words used tags for, you’ve guessed it: striking out some words.

<strike>how to strike out text</strike> —> how to strike out text ;-))



Just found out it also works with shortcuts <s>text</s> —> text

Now if only I knew how to add colour and define sizes without having to use the relatively restricted H1/H2 stuff …



BTW, have you noticed this?

Quite helpful, IMO. You can also view the keyboard shortcuts by typing “?” when not in a text field.


Any Other Information Junkies here?

Since it is not only possible to track/watch/mute threads, but also for whole categories (which in classical forums are “subforums“ or ”boards”) I just went through the forum, setting the tracking options to my taste, which was:

Watching: 2
Tracking: all others except for one muted category.

At the top of every category you find this button which expands to the following flyout (popup? dropdown?):

Easy-peasy, right? Just be warned that apparently the option applied to a category is not propagated down to its subcategories, so you’ll have to dig down and set them individually.

Useful? Or is all this obvious to everybody?



Here’s how to do it:

<details> <summary>Summary Text</summary>
hidden text

results in:

Summary Text hidden text

Thanks @trohde. I’ve seen this feature sometimes but didn’t know how to reproduce it.

Are there... many other tag that we can use in forum posts?

@lysnew, I don’t know other tags except the only other tag I know is the strike tag <s> text </s>

The details tag I found on the discourse forum:

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Code tags, if you want to share something with tags that you don’t want to be parsed by the forum software:

<everything in in angled brackets is treated as a tag>, thus the angled brackets and the content disappear EXCEPT if you put backticks ( ` ) around it.

Cmd+Shift+C on the Mac, on Windows probably Ctrl+Shift+C.

Note: Apparently a comma, semi-colon, and exclamation or question mark break the angled brackets:
<lalala, ladeeda>

A line is created by typing three dashes aka hyphens (---) or underscores (___) in an empty line.

BUT if you put a dash directly under a text line, the text is turned into a headline.

(but you can get that also by beginning a line with the hash sign #), and there are seven levels of headers:






# lala
## lala
### lala
### lala
#### lala
##### lala
###### lala

If you write two dashes (--) or three dashes (---) in a text line they are turned into an “En Dash” – or “Em Dash” —.

Likewise, if you type three periods (...) they are turned into the Ellipsis sign (…)

Bold and Italics / Italics are known, I assume.
**Bold** and *Italics* / _Italics_

Keyboard shortcuts: Cmd/Ctrl+B, Cmd/Ctrl+I

Numbered Lists?

  1. Just begin a line with “1.”, then you’ll see what happens.
  2. lalala

Bullet lists?

  • Begin a line with a dash

- lala

There was more, but now I forgot what I wanted to add.

[a minute later] Ah, now I remember:

If you want to insert a link to a forum category, like #support, just enter a hash sign (#), and a list of categories appears:


<edit> finished the last sentence :sweat_smile: and changed the screenshot to dark theme.</edit>


You can format your post using Markdown.
From Is there any reference documentation for post formatting? - #2 by mcwumbly - support - Discourse Meta


Markdown specifies that it works seamlessly with HTML, so we do.

However, we only support a “safe” subset of HTML. I’ll have to dig to find the specifics, but anything common you’d expect to work that isn’t crazy – like <script> – should work.

Edit: I just tried some html and it hadn’t worked.

Take a look at the date tag for localized date/time:
[date=2018-10-09 time=21:00:00 format="LLLL" timezones="Europe/Paris|America/Los_Angeles|Asia/Tokyo"]
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 9:00 PM
It’s available here:

If needed syntax highlighting for programming languages is available as well
def fkt():
def fkt():

Wow :open_mouth: … now, if only I could use colour w/o all that other blurb …

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I just thought that I would add that you can use markdown for strikethrough:


and simple tables with column alignment:

Rank    | Level        | Rating
_25k_   | Beginner     | 997
5k      | Intermediate | 1892
**2d**  | Advanced     | 2292
Rank Level Rating
25k Beginner 997
5k Intermediate 1892
2d Advanced 2292

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

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Wow, that’s awesome also, thank you!

Now, if I could only use colours … for example, I have a macro for BBcode forums:

(Cursor is automatically moved here so I can immediately type on.)

Test post: resizing of larger images
Since I could not find another “sandbox” thread for testing thing, I figure I would just try things out here.


Regarding the diagram, I will post more about this later. Consider it under Chinese rules.

Same diagram in other sizes: