Random Puzzle Selector a la Spotify

Sometimes I allow my mind to wander around freely (and lose the game I am in, but who cares? Not me and certainly not my opponent).
This time I dreamt of a random puzzle selector (RPS) which is customisable. An ambitious dream and very likely unpractical or even impossible to implement.

The RPS would select randomly a puzzle from the OGS puzzle database.
Or you could give in your preferences:

  • difficulty of puzzle: dan, SDK, DDK
  • types of puzzle: L&D, fuseki, middle game, endgame, etc.
  • etc.

Also an option to like or dislike a puzzle would be great.
Like: give me more puzzles of this collection and / or this puzzle author.
Dislike: please no more puzzles of this collection and / or this puzzle author.

Don’t know if something like this already exists somewhere else on another go server, because OGS is more than enough for me.

Okay, just a dream. Back to the reality.


The things you’re describing make me think of features in several other places. I don’t think any of them have all of those features, though, if I’m understanding you correctly.

Not exactly as you describe it, but the like/dislike makes me think of BlackToPlay.

101weiqi has puzzle sets of all types that you can choose to study and it will randomize the order. I think you can add multiple collections to one study set. I think it has many other features, but I haven’t figured it out since it’s all in Chinese

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Likes is a very limited feature suggestion and prone to ambiguity. I would favorize a discussion page for each puzzle.
Linked to this, It would be great to have the ability for the creator to give editing power to other(s) on the puzzle.


I kind of understood the “like/dislike” suggestion to be less of a rating system for the puzzles, and more to indicate “i do/don’t want to see this puzzle again (or more puzzles like this one)”

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Taking the risk of being “that guy who brings up chess again”, lichess has a puzzle feature that sounds exactly like what you are describing. Each puzzle is assigned some tags regarding the type of the puzzle (usually game stage and what the type of tactic that is used is), and every puzzle, as well as every user, gets a rating. Doing a puzzle is then treated as a ranked match between the user and puzzle, where solving it gives you rating points and loses some for the puzzle, and vice versa. Afterwards, there is feedback options to confirm if the puzzle tag was correct. Last time I checked, there was a bit of trouble with the circumstance, that the difficulty of a puzzle varies, depending on if you drew it randomly from all puzzles, such that the solution could be anything, or you drew it from the restricted pool of puzzles that use a specific tactic, making it easier to solve.
Anywho, might be worth looking into.


There is a possibility for a puzzle creator to grant acces to others. Not ideal though.

  1. Click private.

  1. Click acces settings.

  2. Allow access to another player.

This gives access to only a limited number of others, while everyone else can’t approach the puzzle anymore (because it is private now).

EDIT: why would you want to be able to edit puzzles?

I had never seen that site before…I generally avoid tseumego because they make me feel like a dunce, but that site continuously adapts the difficulty based on results. Plays well on a mobile, plus that oh-so-sweet ding reward sound on success! Noice :sunglasses:

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