Random questions? for information

hello everyone.you can post any question here if you want to know any thing about this new forum system and you can ask other random questions(of go).now my question is “the invites button is used for what ?”

Hah, that’s a good point… we have wired up the forum software to use the OGS authentication backend and notification system… so technically it doesn’t do anything and we should probably remove it.

What do you do in the wintertime when the sun gets cold?

Write code, what else?


How to get the icon I use here to my account icon in OGS?

Hey Oni… at the moment the way to get it from here to the main site is to use Gravatar.

That is changing in the next release though, you’ll be able to upload your own icon on the main site as well (or continue using gravatar if you prefer)

Will the content of the old forum be exported to this forum?

Nope, but the old forums will remain available as a read only archive.

As in old OGS forum system groups have separate forum now will it be going to continue in this system?

We’re still deciding what to do there… I guess the concern is that the group forums aren’t very heavily used and it’s possible to have group discussions here via multi-party private message.

If exists any possibility to change the look of forum to eg. dark one?

We can replace the theme for everyone but we are looking at ways that we can allow people to set their own themes. I’m not sure this is supported by Discourse just yet