Random Tactics and Most Simultaneous Correspondence Games


That’s pretty cool. Thanks for teaching me the word salmiac (“ammonium choloride, a white crystalline salt used a flavouring agent in some types of liquorice”) as well.


My money is on Mitsunari. Currently at 467. This is not a name&shame because…

To misquote Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’, “Mitsunari is more timed-out against than timing-out.”

Timeout wins: 20.9%
Timeout losses: 3.8%

Hats off to Mitsunari.


Mitsunari is also notoriously slow when it comes to playing moves for correspondence games. His games tend to last for months/years.

He employs the unique tactic of waiting so long to play a move that his opponent forgets what is happening in the game. :tired_face:



Is that an @AdamR original?


Of course. :slight_smile: can’t be caugth stealing :smiley:


Nice. I did not know you had this talent. It’s fun to learn new things about people.


Hmmm… I think I noticed it in some tournament… :thinking:


Awesome pic @AdamR. I love that it’s your own work. :1st_place_medal:
As for ‘You do not understand And you never will’, I often feel that way with Go so; perfect.





actually, i would like a big chocolate cake in the form of a Goban with black and white stones.


@koolbreeze, I think I’m on par with @Mitsunari with regard to that “tactic” :smiley: Sometimes I even forget what my own plans were in a game :roll_eyes:


I love correspondence games for many reasons.
One of them is that each time I open an ongoing game I can look at it with fresh eyes and try to find the best move without messing with “what was I trying to do with that previous move?” :smiley:

Well, I admit that sometimes it can be a little confusing… forgetting to take a ko, for example. :slight_smile:



@trohde @koolbreeze @Kosh I’m sorry if i had caused troubles in our games :frowning:
I’ll try to play as fast as i can.


While it’s true that I prefer quicker games. Primarily because I get confused by too many going on at once…

I for one have NO problem with any player that plays within the agreed time settings and that includes Vacation and Weekend Pause. We have had many excellent games and I would not have wished to miss out on those.

The only players I have a beef with are those that start a lot of games without any serious intention of finishing them. Reflected in a large ‘loss-by-timeout’ stat.

So while there are some site policies that I might like to change (see Weekend pause, Slow tournaments & Vacation). I genuinely admire your record of finishing what you start and I am always happy to play(lose) a game with you.

ps my apologies to woosisters for going off-topic again.


No worries, @Mitsunari, maybe I wasn’t clear: I’m a slow player, due to too much stress IRL, and I TOTALLY don’t mind if you also play slowly :slight_smile: