Rank adjustment please

I haven’t been able to play many live games here lately, but I’ve gotten stronger in the meantime. I’m hoping to play more often, and I don’t want to sandbag. Could my rank be adjusted to 5 kyu?
Thanks in advance.

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Your wish has been granted!

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Fun killer. :wink:

I always like going back to a site I haven’t played in a while and discovering that I can do some serious damage to ranks I previously lost against on that server. :smiley:

I think I was winning like 80% or something on Tygem a month or two ago when I played some on there again. I should wait until I’m 3-4k here to go back for maximum fun :slight_smile:

PS: yes; I’m evil. :laughing:

(Apologies for the thread necro but I have a similar request and can’t find a ‘please change my rank’ thread title that hasn’t already been taken!)


My main account remains unusable since the 5.0 upgrade, so I’ve moved over to using my old/backup account, ‘eidolonia’.

Could you please change my rank to 18 kyu? My other account (eidolonia@gmail.com) was ranked 17 kyu but I’ve had some time off so 18 kyu seems about right.

Many thanks,

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@eidolonia1 Done!


Thank you, you’re a star!

Hi, I have a similar request, my account had recently created ant set to 8 Kyu but that’s not corresponding to my rank, maybe a misstake when I created it.
Could you please change to 18 Kyu ?

I believe with the system rank changes are no longer possible. If you are new and still ranked with a ? the system is setup so that your rank will find its true placement rather quickly.

I had a quick look at your account and it seems you mostly play unranked. If you play more ranked games your account will find its correct level.

(if any mods read this post, you may want to consider annuling the points he got from this game he scored early with gnugo bot which had some errors in the scoring https://online-go.com/game/9364320 )

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Ok thanks for your answer :slight_smile: So I will try more ranked games ans see if that’s change.

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