Rank and username adjustment

Hi. I just made a new account, screwed up a couple things setting it up, and don’t know how to change them.

  1. I set my rank too high (first five games were all significant losses). I don’t know how far off it is; I’ve been playing casually most of my life, but always against family, so I don’t know where I stack up relative to the greater community. I can’t find the place to change this.

  2. My username exposes my legal name, I think because it was generated from my gmail account. I can’t figure out how to change this either.

A friend signed up with me and has the same problem. We could just make new accounts but I figured I would check if it’s fixable through the UI first.

[edited to add: I can’t find the place to delete my account, either, if it comes to that].

For the name change, Click on the OGS logo on the top left of the main site and click on the “Profile” Button on the bottom left of the dropdown.

After that, you’ll see your name right above your avatar, and next to your name, you should see an edit button. That should help with the name change.

As far was changing the rank, you would probably need to specify the rank you want, and then we can tag a mod to get the job done.

Hope that helps.

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P.S. I took a look at your account, (assuming your username is the same here as on the OGS main page), and I don’t see your legal name anywhere. So that should be fine…Right?

My username is initials and last name, so it’s not technically my real name, just easy to get from there to my real name. Either way, thanks, it looks like your answer will solve that problem.

Which leaves the rank thing. Google suggests beginners are 30-21k and casual players are 20-11k. I’m pretty sure I’m not a beginner. I marked myself 10k (wrong) and lost my first five games to players in the 8-12k range (except one listed as 19k but they were also marked with a question mark, so discounting that). I’d guess I’m somewhere between 15 and 20k, but have no way of calibrating it. Let’s say 17k. That might be too low but I’m pretty sure it’s not too high.

Does that sound sane, and if so, how do I get a mod to look at it?

I don’t know too much about rankings, so I can’t really say how accurate that would be.

But I’ll tag @mark5000 and @trohde to see if either of them can help.

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Welcome to the site, @ajvant! 17k is exactly what I think is a good starting point in your case. I just changed it for you.

About the name change, @_Thrawn explained it perfectly. :slight_smile:

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@mlopezviedma: Thanks, but now I have the opposite problem; won seven games in a row, though by narrower margins.

Maybe 15k? Or I could just wait for the system to figure it out, it “feels like” it’s fairly close. Not sure how long that takes, though, and I note that it would have to correct for blitz/normal/correspondence separately.

The system will fix it fairly quickly. And don’t worry about the time controls that you don’t play. The ranking system is about to change in that regard (probably next week). :wink:

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Wow… I had not heard this… (SPOILERS!!!) haha looking forward to seeing what the team has come up with and how a ranking change will be implemented. Sounds difficult.

Oh, I like to say only enough to maintain the intrigue :grimacing: :zipper_mouth_face:


Here there are some more [quote=“BHydden, post:9, topic:12738”]
for you: https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/pull/369