Rank calculating bug [resolved]

Today I ended four games and won all of them, the games are:
game 45854833
game 45803407
game 45855375
game 45855551
But when I looked at my main page, my rank didn’t increase a bit. And look at my rank chart, the four games are not counted or calculated. I don’t know what happened here.
I don’t know whether it is a bug for me or for everyone, or the games should not be calculated to increase the rank? It’s quite strange since I have never met the situation before.
I hope I can get a reply quickly.


Confirming, all the games look like they should be counted from a mod perspective, but they are not.

I also hope someone can help you quickly.

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I second Kosh’s findings. Perhaps @anoek can see something on the back end?

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If it’s connected to the recent site-wide issues then it may resolve itself and update successfully after another ranked game.

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Got fixed. Thx everyone.