Rank distribution 2021

Hi Dev team, is there a way for adding a feature to see our rank/elo relatively compared to the whole OGS server? So we can keep track of where we are in the population.

I’m asking if we can have a Lichess.org feature where you can see what percentage of players are better or worse relative to you.


@S_Alexander has all the graphs :D

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Not that familiar with lichess- how do you get to that feature?

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I think it’s this. You can use the dropdown there I think to change the various time controls, which changes the url Weekly Classical rating distribution • lichess.org

It’s under community and then players.


Solid. Thanks!

Yes that’s the graph I’m hoping we can have here at OGS. If you have an account it will personalize by factoring in your own %. If this feature is too much then I’d really like one for myself to get an idea where I am in the bell curve. So @S_Alexander would you please provide one for me?

There is no much movement in the collective rating, so the percentiles should still be right.


Thank you! Serves a good guideline for me!

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