Rank distribution

Has there been a shift in the rank distribution? It seems that all my games are against low kyus or dans, rarely players from 25k to 7k.

In a sense.

New users are now assigned a rank band based on their response to a question about that, which means that there are probably more new-users who are in the lower ranks now as compared to being wrongly in the higher ranks (the whole reason for doing this :slight_smile: )

I’m not sure that this explains your experience, it seems the opposite, except for the fact that now we also are less likely to have someone who is ranked mid-level by default challenging upwards to try to get their rank up. IE this motivation for wrongly ranked people in 25k-7k to challenge higher ranked players is lessened.

This possible explanation isn pure speculation on my part: the only fact is that there has been this change in new user rank assignment.


thanks for the explanation. Also, do you know if the total number of players on OGS has been increasing or decreasing over the last year?

I know that it’s been increasing over the years, although I am not aware of numbers in the recent past.

Covid and the movie caused a big increase, there may have been a correction after that, I’m not sure.

The numbers that I can see (OJE use) imply this is the case.