Rank down after resigning from tournament

Hey all, I was just wondering if what just happened is normal or not. So i registered for a correspondence tournament a while ago and today it started and i changed my mind about it after seeing that the tournament director registered to the same tournament with at least 3 different accounts and they were all in my group, so I was like: nah, that doesn’t interest me that much, playing the same guy over and over again, so I resigned from the tournament without making a single move in any of the 9 or so games that were launched in my group. I go back to my honescreen and noticed my rank went down. About 0.5 kyu i would say. That seems unlogical to me because i didn’t lose or win a game, i resigned before they started. Am I seeing ghosts or is this the way the rating system works? :thinking:

You should report the tournament director. I don’t think it is legal for someone to play in a tournament with multiple alt accounts. I think you can file the report from the director’s name, and you can choose “Other” from the list of reasons.

As for your main question, if I am understanding it correctly, I would expect those nine games to be automatically annulled since they have less than six moves.


Hey, yeah so those games did get annuled yet they still influenced my ranking is what i am suspecting. About your suggestion to report the tournament director, i will considered it. I saw he won his own games against himself pumping up his own rating i suppose. But then again: it is his tournament, he can do what he wants i guess?

No, he can’t do what he wants. What he is doing is cheating. Tournament directors have done illegal things in the past, and have been called to account for it.


If you press resign button then you resign, which means you lose. If button doesn’t explicitly writes annulate game then I would assume it wouldn’t work accordingly.

It would’ve been nice if you had screenshots attached of your annulled or resigned games.

It’s easy enough to find those games and they were indeed annulled. But the OP lost another game today, so from what I can see there seems to be no reason to believe anything strange is going on.


Yes, the games were annulled:

The last game which induced a rating variation was the loss against ys7076:

See https://online-go.com/termination-api/player/699769/v5-rating-history

No, he resigned his games against himself at the first move, so these games were annulled.

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Let’s make it clear you cannot resign a less as 6 moves game. You will access a cancel button instead of a resign button which appears only after the 6 moves.

Games canceled are not taken into the rating.


wasn’t easy enough for me

Generally true but I think in a tournament the relevant button is “drop from tournament” before the tournament starts and “resign from tournament” after it has started. Resign from tournament resigns all your tournament games and I suppose actually counts as a cancellation which is annulled if any given game is at less than 6 moves. But it’s not very transparent in this case as there’s no indication that you are cancelling rather than resigning.


Thanks for answering my questions!

I apologize. I can see how this is coming across in a condescending way. I just wanted to say I found them and can confirm annullment. At least that’s what I hope I meant. Have a bit of covid induced brain fog atm.

LOL I have to try that, sure way to get to 9d !!! :grin:

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