Rank goes down after win


This morning my rank was 2.3 d. I played two games today - the first one was annulled because I resigned immediately after recognizing, that it was a 13x13 game and one complete game on 19x19, which I won. Now my rank is 2.1 d. Why did this happen? Shouldn’t the rank go up instead of down after winning a ranked game?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Hello @einkleinerfalke and of course welcome to the forums.

Plese check out the one before last topic here:

And if you have any follow up questions after, let us know :slight_smile:


Thanks for the fast response and sorry for not checking out the FAQ first. I still don’t understand why this happened, because I haven’t played any player recently who is 5 stones better than me, but if this is intended behavior, everything is fine. Sorry for the confusion!

Oh, no worries, nobody really reads that, it is easier to ask, we just have it as a convenient link to not have to retype similar answers too much. :slight_smile:

The 5 stones thing was a bit of an exagerrated example it is usually an accumulation of several small factors, rather than one big one. I don’t really have acces to all the contributing statistics, so I can’t tell you preciselly, what caused it, but unless something more strange is happening, it should be ok and is in fact “expected”. It looks weird at first, but should be more precise in the long run, as misranked accounts, do not really have a big impact as the resulting rank changes can be “corrected” even after the game was finished.


Some/many of your of your past opponents have dropped little bit of their rating after the game you two had. So even if you have won 10 out of last 15 games, those wins have lost a little bit of their value since they have been played.
Also since most of your opponents have been a weaker than you at the first place, their small drops on ratings make the wins even less valuable :confused:

But hey its just a tiny drop, the rating system still thinks you’re about “2d±1d” ^^


Ohh ok, than it seems more logical for me.^^

It is not a problem for me at all^^ It only looked like a bug, so I wanted to report it … but yeah, I really should search FAQs beforehand.


Here’s a thread with a collection of threads inside all started with the same topic. Enjoy!

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