won, and rating fell

won, and rating fell?

Hello, there is several threads about this topic already. here for example: Problems in rank?

Short answer (unless your case is somehow different) is:

  • rating is recalculated after each game, but more than the last game (actually 15 games or one month worth of games if less) is taken into account

so most probably what happened is in some of those previous games you beat someone who then dropped severely in rank. In which case you still get points for the victory, but after next recalculation some of the previous points (not from the latest, but one of those previous games) are somewhat reduced, because the person you then played probably was not as strong as the system believed at that time (if that makes sense :smiley: )

Simplified: High value win = 2, low value win = 1, loss = 0. The brackets symbolize games taken into account for the rating calculation (not the actual number of games btw).

[2,0,0,1] > [0,0,1,1] i.e. if a high value win doesn’t count anymore, despite adding another win to the list, your average performance (so to speak) can drop.

Even if your winrate increases, higher value wins can still affect your rating more:
[2,2,0,0] > [0,1,1,1]

Finally, your past opponents’ performance is also taken into account, so their rating changes can backpropagate and affect your past games’ impact.

At least that’s how I understand it.

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@smurph the rating system doesn’t use a moving window.

It is more like [2, 2, 0, 0] > [1, 1, 0, 0, 1]

PS: huge losses (=-1?) would be possible as well, but it seems no one wants to complain about rating rise after a loss :wink:

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