Rank graph - can I delete early 30k games?

before I realized that I can manually change rank, I played several games as 30k. Now my rank graph shows huge improvement (30k->5k) at the beginning, next 80 games (5k->3k) look flat. Can I delete my 30k games, or will they disappear from rank graph at some point?

Yes I would like something like this - actually, I’d like to see the graph only display the last 12 months of game data, as I have the same problem, but stretching back 9 years. It would be nice if new games weren’t just stuck into the latest 2 pixels of the graph display


Do you know that you can zoom in and scroll around the graph? You don’t have to show the entire history at once.


I didn’t know, it’s nice.
But it does not help much, because zoom preserves aspect, so my rank graph is flat even after zooming in. Early 30k games make it very compressed in vertical direction, with or without zoom.

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I would like to see only the last 12 months counted for rating but I believe that would cause problems with the ELO type system.

Still, not being able to shake your past causes problems in both directions.