Rank not changing after playing ranked games

So I played this game http://online-go.com/game/943290 and afterwards I noticed that my rank of 12k and points of 992 had not changed, the game was ranked and the opponent was not provisional and had not been provisional as far as I could see. Has any one else had this problem? plz help

When you played this game you were “Timeout provisional” because of this game:

You lost that by timeout… when you lose a correspondence game by timeout we place your account in a Timeout Provisional state.

In order to get out of this state you need to complete a correspondence game lasting more than a day where it doesn’t end by timeout. This game that you just completed, that you linked to cleared this status for you.

Since you were timeout provisional we did not adjust your rating but we did remove the Timeout Provisional status from your account. Future games that you play will be rated as normal so long as you don’t timeout another correspondence game. If you do timeout another correspondence game then your account will be placed back into Timeout Provisional and you’ll need to finish a game to clear this status before future games will count.

Timeout provisional status will also keep you from losing rating points if you timeout a whole bunch of games due to a crises or some other scenario that would prevent you from playing… but when you timeout a game we require that you demonstrate the ability to finish another game before we allow you to re-enter the rating pool.

In the future if you are having trouble finishing games consider setting yourself on vacation (you can do this from your Settings page). That will prevent you from timing out (until you run out of vacation time).