Rank reset request

I haven’t played in forever (more than 4 years since I played seriously) and even at 25k I’m struggling. Could someone reset my rank to 30k so I can start from scratch?

I am pretty sure 25 is the lowest on OGS.
Do not pay much attention to the rank though… Just play a few games and it will sort itself.


Considering there are 25k players with a rating of ~1000 and 25k rated ~700, that is a fair assumption. It also means there are 25k noticably stronger than other 25k.

But if you finish http://playgo.to/iwtg/en , do about 100 basic tsumego a day, read Shape Up! and memorize a few pro matches, you should be <20k in a few weeks.


A good reason to lower the minimum rank on OGS to 30 kyu. This will help beginners find more suitable opponents and better track their progress (to find suitable study material, since there are “recommended kyu ranges” for many books and 30 kyu is the most common starting point).

I see your point, but honestly the ranks are arbitrary. A good grasp of the rules, being able to recognize atari, knowing about ladders, nets, liberties, 2 eyes make life… and voila, you’re 25k. Beginners usually progress beyond 20k in a matter of weeks. Unless they slack off with tsumego! :slight_smile:

Plus if there’s n-kyu, there could arguably also be n+1 kyu, but one has to draw the line somewhere. And again, the difference between weak and strong 25k isn’t 5 stones. Ranks don’t become handicap-stable until at least single digit kyu.

It might also be mentioned that a new account would start at 13k.