Rank restriction in start new game is broken

Triggered much?

How can your overall rank be stronger than what ever you got in 3 categories?

Rank: 12k <-- ???
Bliz: 16k
Live: 13k (is this 19x19 game and normal pace or is this only time related?)
Correspondence: 17k

Edit: There is one strange behavior i started to notice in correspondence games - stronger players are getting black, not white as usually in real life without HCP.

Link: https://online-go.com/game/7202885

correct, my rank got 1 stone stronger and so did opponents. At least this is how it looked but to be honest, I have no idea what rank is shown in the game and chat and why those are different. I guess someone is already working on this.

Because, as has been stated many times before in numerous threads overall is not an average. It is calculated as an independent rating based on the overall ratings of whoever you play against. For instance. If you are 20k overall and 20k live, and win a live game against a 15k overall, 20k live player, your overall rating will increase more than your live rating for this game. the more disparate ratings are on a single player, the more this can happen. This is part of why mods will correct this when they see largely disparate ratings. Since you always are playing for overall rating, it makes sense that this would usually be the highest so long as you’re improving. And yes, the devs are considering ways of helping solve this problem more automatically, possibly with some form of rubber-banding across the different time-based ratings.

Probably because you have “random” instead of “automatic” selected for who plays what color in the challenge.


According to your rating charts, his rating went down and yours went up after the game, as is supposed to happen.


SO it was UI problem, showing unrelated rank in a game? OK, never mind then, I hope this mess gets fixed.