Rank restriction in start new game is broken

I set the range to 16-13k but 19k can start the game.

I believe the rank restriction applies to overall rank. It would be nice to restrict the rank for the kind of game you’re playing, though. It kind of screws with the handicap sometimes.

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Agreed It is actually on the list of things in the upcoming* update.

* it’s software development, upcoming is a subjective term :wink:


As a fellow software dev I think I need a t-shirt that has that line about upcoming being a subjective term. So very true.


I play a game with this guy and his rank shows X but when he writes something to chat, his rank shows several stones stronger. o_O ?

This was a normal game, 19x19, 10 min + 5 x 30 sec.

What is going on?

Yes thats normal, the rank shown in the top right boxes are the time setting rank either live, blitz or correspondence. The rank shown in chat while typing is their overall rank. Which can be consider their correct rank.

Yes thats normal,"

No, it is not! wtf is this “overall rank”? Is this something OGS specific? Rest of the planet in this reality has 1 rank - rank you get playing a 19x19 game.


This conversation has been had before on the forum. You can search for the threads if you want their rationale. Otherwise, @crodgers said the behavior will be fixed in a future update.


Thank you Rwan. I hope this gets fixed soon because this absurd “feature” smells as bad as a stinking BUG.


I’ve seen nothing suggesting the removal of overall rank, from this topic @crodgers is simply stating that the rank restriction error that lets people outside the rank join will be fixed(hopefully).

As for @ifnotmaybe You are without a doubt in the minority here as a lot of people like the 4 rank system. As you’ve been told before you are free to play on another go server if you don’t like this one.


That is the behavior I was referring to. I assumed since @ifnotmaybe posted in this thread he was upset that a rank-restricted game got an opponent of unacceptable rank. My reference was vague though, and maybe my assumption was wrong. Thanks for clarifying.

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I don’t mind multiple ranks but it’s kinda BS when it’s unclear when and how those are used.

Primary rank (only one that actually matters), should be visible and 3 derivatives should be visible in special circumstances but accompanied by the primary rank.

Then it’s clear what is going on.

That same case I used an example:

I play a game with this guy and his rank shows X but when he writes something to chat, his rank shows several stones stronger. o_O ?

What are those 2 ranks? Why do I see different ranks? Which one is the primary rank?
Am I playing against 15 or 12?

My point is that it’s a mess right now and makes very little sense.

One of my ranks dropped to 13! How is this even possible if my normal game (19x19) rank never made it past 15. This is beyond absurd!

As i understand it there is no 19x19 rank. Your overall rank, the one that appears in chat, is affected by every ranked game you play, while the others only change when the appropriate time settings are chosen.
I agree that there is much need for clarification if ogs sticks with the 4 rank system.

As for the overall rank being the only one that matters, many here believe otherwise (not neccessarily including myself) thats why there are 4 ranks. Currently handicap is based on the time specific ranks.

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That sucks. So, if you go to another server and are asked about you r rank, you tell them what exactly? Give them 4 ranks that make absolutely no sense outside of this server?

Well… you would just give your overall rank. Its just not a 19x19 rank specifically. If you want it to be a 19x19 rank dont play any ranked games On small boards as they will slightly affect it.
No rank makes any sense outside of its proper context, so having a 19x19 rank wouldnt mean its better suited to represent your rank on another Server.


meaning what?

Meaning drop it or switch servers. This conversation is just cluttering the forum.


meaning the overall rank is equal to what you are calling 19x19 rank, so you’re overall rank 19x19 rank whatever would be 15kyu

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Here is another strange example of OGS confusing ranking system (or UI is just showing wrong rank).

Normal game, opponents rank 16k and so is mine. He resigned, my rank dropped to 15k and so did his.


Game link?

Also, a purely semantic point, but ‘dropped’ usually indicates a decrease in rank. However, 15k is a higher rank than 16k, so your rank increased to 15k.