Ranked games don't affect rating

I started noticing my rating didn’t change at the end of some games even though they are ranked.

I first noticed they don’t show up on the graph.
As far as I could tell, they are all timed out games. My opponents timed out after playing well into the game.

For examples:

I’m not sure if this has been reported prior to this. my apologies if this is duplicated.

If a player times out several games in a row,.only the first one affects rating.


(In Correspondance games)

Search : mass timeout


I wonder whether rated games affect ranking.

Of course. And the OGS rating system is quite responsive, your rank may fluctuate more as on other servers.

I think it was a joke about ranked/rated and ranking/rating (compare with the title of the thread).

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who knows, it’s magic :slight_smile:

yeah, that’s … kinda fair-ish

Here’s another instance of rating don’t change.
We played a tournament game, no one timed out. White wins by resignation. Rating don’t change, game doesn’t appear on the graph.
What could be the reason for this one?

What could be the reason for this one?

As mentioned in the other nearby thread, it seems that there’s something broken on the server.

This can easily cause games to appear unrated, because if the “rating engine” is down then the job of rating the games as they finish just queues up. The good news is that if this is the cause, then they’ll automatically get rated when the server comes back.

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Yeah, looking forward to my atrociously-played last few games all catching up at once. Think I’ll need to sit down when I look…

Hopefully all record of them will vanish instead :joy:

Fixed here: Delayed game ratings - #2