Ranked handicap

I am fine with playing handicap games (many appear not to), but I was very surprised that a 9 stone handicap game ends up ranked. Is this behaving as intended? I was under the impression OGS had a limit of 6 stones for ranked games.

You can decide ranked/unranked when making the challenge.

And yea, that limit is 9, not 6


Well, I wanted ranked games and am fine, just surprised 9 stone handicap counts as ranked game. (I wrote this answer ages ago but it didn’t show up?)

(@tapir: If you look at the comment just two above, you’ll see that you indeed post it, and apparently it showed up. Nevertheless, I believe the discourse forum software sometimes saves drafts of posts even if they have been posted, perhaps a bug.)

The longer I am here the more I dislike how game making is handled when you offer games.

Say I want to play normal, ranked games give or take 4 stones. It is impossible when I offer the game. If I choose ranked/handicap I can be forced into ranked teaching games. If I choose ranked/no handicap someone can put me into mismatched games (and some players seem to do so almost exclusively to pad their ego and winrate).

Thats why the restrict rank option comes in handy


Do you know about the restrict rank feature? You have to check the last box and then you get extra options.