Ranked Puzzles on OGS

There are like a lot of puzzels on OGS now but they are a bit unorganized. It would be nice if there was a feature like the homework on 101weiqi.com so that they are categorized by level and you can get a daily homework of 10 puzzels or so and when you for a couple a consecutive days managed to solve a 100% of the daily puzzels, you move on to puzzels designed for the next kyu/dan.


OGS’ ranking algorithm could be applied to puzzles to automatically determine their difficulty:

Whenever a logged-in OGS user attempts a puzzle for the first time, the system records whether they found the solution on the first try or not. The puzzle is then treated like a go player; if the user failed the puzzle, this is recorded as “win” for the puzzle, and if the user found the correct solution, it is recorded as a “loss” for the puzzle. This doesn’t affect the user’s rank, but it affects the puzzle’s rank.


That would be great and also in combination with a feature (e.g., a Puzzel ladder) that allows you to each day do 10 puzzels that are at and just above your current rank to help you improve.

Considering that online rank is a bit volatile, it would be good to categorize the puzzels in intervals (like most Go books); for example, the intervals used by Gunnar Dickfeld’s in his new go books that coordinate kyu to belt color in martial arts:

30-25 kyu (white belt)
24-20 kyu (yellow belt)
19-15 kyu (orange belt)
14-10 kyu (green belt)
9-4 kyu (blue belt)
3-1 kyu (bron belt)
Dan (black belt)