Ranking Differences Between Servers

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I just created an IGS account, and although I am currently a 23k on this server, their rating system has anything under 17k labeled as “Beginner”. Are the rating systems the same?

As far as I know nobody is using the exact same rating system as anyone else. OGS uses almost the EGF system, but I don’t know any other examples.

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As you can see here there is a lot of variation between ranking systems for a number of reasons.


Currently, the 30-20 kyu ranks on this site are a mess and I personally think they don’t mean much. I’ve heard it said that a beginner should be able to reach 10 kyu in about 3 months of play. I think this is a bit fast, but pretty reasonable. My first rank plateau was around 13 kyu KGS after 3 months or so. On KGS one can get past 20 kyu in only a few weeks.

Try playing some games on IGS or KGS. I bet you are stronger than 23 kyu on those servers :smile:

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I don’t think it would be easy to get to 10k here in 3 months (not for me anyway). My current 13k here after several years! is probably somewhere 6-8k on KGS…

Hi everyone,

this topic has come up fairly often lately, so I will try to cover up our current thoughts as good as possible.

A ranking system is a highly complex thing, and it is not very easy to implement. It takes time, and as the site grows bigger, some factors do change. Generally speaking, at the moment we use the EGF System, which is fairly cool and works like a normal rank system when everyone plays by the rules. A lot of players register by 30k and while some did not notice the option to change their rank, some ignored the function, to sandbag. This of course messes with the rankings, and I suggest to report all obvious sandbaggers that you see. :expressionless:

The rank problem itself is more complex then my explanation here, but you get the basic idea.

A first step into the right direction was our implementation of an initial rank check, when you freshly register to the site.

The developers are also working on another overhaul to the original system, which will do another huge step into the direction of a well-working ranking system. :sunflower:

Until then, I kindly ask you to just wait. Until it’s done :smiley:

TL;DR: We are working on a new rank system.


Check out this topic for further information: Rating correction and changes :smiley: