Ranking inflated by resignations?

I’m 21k. Lately I’ve run into a few situations where higher K players have resigned. One didn’t have time to play and another was playing on his mobile and had to go. The other had to take a call. In each case I believe they were ahead in the game.
Does this behaviour artificially inflate my ranking?
Or is it complicated?

It does artificially inflate your rank, and reduce theirs.

The “right thing” to do in this case is to click “report” on that player and file it as either “sandbagging” (if you think it was in bad faith) or “other” if its genuinely an oops (like the phone call one).

In either case a moderator will annul the game.

Or - if it is just occasional, you can ignore it … unless the person is systematically doing it, or you are experiencing it frequently, then the effect is “in the noise” on your rank.

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Thanks for your help
I did report the last player as an ’ other ’ and I haven’t heard back from the moderator
after several days. Should I just wait for the moderator to deal with the issues?

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Yes, just wait please.

Yeah - the “other” queue can take a while to get processed, and it’s not a time critical issue.