Ranking is too volatile

I 've been 1d, 1k, 2k then back to 1k 1d all within 1 week!!!

The ranking is way too volatile. I think players in the range 3k to 1d are quite close in strength.

Does anyone else feel the same?

I think OGS should set the strongest AI at 13D and then recalibrate from there. 13D is because Go Seigen refers to some ancient players as 13D in fighting so 13 seems like a reasonable upper bound.


Its indeed volatile, but its also decently good at being in the right ballpark for most players. My rank tends to jump between 1k-3k, so about 1 stone below yours. Based on 2 games we’ve played together i’d say that seems accurate ^^

I dont know if the current rating system works with fixed ranks for top ai’s. AFAIK current system is aimed at having 1d level somewhere between egf 1d and aga 1d, maybe its shifted a bit since last update but probably(?) not much.