Ranking ogs versus France

As far as I can tell from reading other threads and discussions, the ogs ranks have changed a lot this summer, so that any old comparison tables are useless. However, I have played almost exclusively here for a month and I am approximately 16k here, and tomorrow I want to play in a RL tournament in France and have to give them some starting value for my rank. Does anyone have an estimate how this compares? I would like to be at least somewhat near the right value.

It’s really hard to compare ranks in different populations so I can’t help you too much with your starting rank if this is your first real life tournament… I would, however, be interested in how it pans out after the tournament so keep us updated.

See here http://senseis.xmp.net/?RankWorldwideComparison, but the last edit there was July 29, 2014, before the change here.

In that table OGS 16k —> EGF 17k. But OGS 17k also —> EGF 17k :smiley:

Europe	OGS
20k	20k
19k	19k
18k	18k
17k	17k
17k	16k
16k	15k
15k	14k
14k	13k
14k	12k
13k	11k
12k	10k
11k	9k
10k	8k
9k	7k
8k	6k
7k	5k
6k	4k
5k	3k
4k	2k
3k	1k
2k	1d
1k	2d
1d	3d
2d	4d
3d	5d
4d	5d

I think the change heaved everybody up by one or two stones — correct, @matburt? — so before that rank shift you may have been 17k or 18k … I’d say go into the tournament as 16k :slight_smile: you may get some beating, but you may also get some nice surprises.

Good luck, Tom

Our correction mostly affected people at the lower end… I’d agree with @trohde suggestion to go in as a 16k and see how it goes.

Thank you for your replies. However, the thread Rating correction and changes does not really correspond to your description of the rank change on OGS.

Just one quote as an example: “My current OGS rank is 24k, and probable new rank is 15k.”

This sounds like I should be way beneath 20k in EGF with current 16k on OGS.

It’s really hard to compare ranks on different systems, so take any comparison with a grain of salt.

EGF and OGS ranks should not be too far away from each other.

The best way to find out your rank is by playing other players on OGS or EGF, then compare yourself to them.

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Remember also that our ranks were heavily deflated before that rating correction making them much more accurate after the move.


Close to impossible to compare.

You do not play the same in a RL tournament and on the Internet. For example, when I play in my Go club it is really about fun and my rank should be around 1d EGF. In tournament I’m 3d EGF.

On OGS I also play more lightly without particular preparation (playing a move even if I’m tired).

And even if you always play seriously, some of my friends’s reading abilities are also affected when they play on the computer … So basically I would said you could be stronger than someone IRL and weaker inline.

Happened to me at least :wink:


Really curious as to how your tournament participation and results will be, @esmeyny … please let us know!

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The ranks below are FFG which corresponds very well to EFG as far as I can tell from looking up the ranks of the players in my club.

It turned out that my exact entering rank did not matter much for this tournament because the rank was only used for pairing and there were few weak players. I played just two rounds without handicap. I won both games, although I almost lost the game against the 21k player who dominated the whole game but was gracious enough to let a big dead group of mine regain life and kill off her own corner during the end-game stage. I will return to this thread when I have played enough games to have a stable FFG rank, but your suggestion to enter the tournament with the 16k ogs rank seems very reasonable.

Generally, I would say that I played both better and faster during the tournament than I play on ogs, but on the other hand the ticking of the clocks bothered me. I hate unnecessary noise.

Edited to add:
Based on additional experience I would suggest to enter a French tournament with the rank ogs+1 if you are well in the double-digit ranks. You may be sandbagging a little if you do that, but it is culturally much more accepted to sandbag than to aim too high.


Congrats on that won games, @esmeyny! And really nice to read that our estimation about the rank was quite OK :smiley:

What about earplugs against the ticking clocks? Or … earphones with either music or some soothing noise like wind or water? Or check out this http://mynoise.net/noiseMachines.php … it’s possible to d’load MP3s there, and he’s even done an app meanwhile. Amazing site. I especially like the “ooommm”ming Tibetan monks.

I’ll keep watching this thread :smile: