Ranking on this site

I just heard the overall ranking on this site is pretty low. Someone said he/she was ranked much higher on kgs. Is it true? How accurate is ranking system here? I would be very happy if I am told that my actual rank is higher than 8k! lol

You’ve played 439 ranked games:


with a pretty close W/L ratio.

It’s really hard to compare different isolated communities and rating pools especially when different algorithms are used. I think KGS ranks tend to trend higher than ours, others are about the same and sometimes it’s somewhat subjective.

We will also occasionally do things like this:

When we see a need

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American ranks are much higher than European ones. Which one do you call “actual rank”?

My European rank is pretty close to the ogs rank, and as far as I can tell the American ranks are pretty close to the kgs ranks.

At the moment, my kgs rank is 2 to 3 stones higher than my ogs rank.

However, also the European ranks differ between countries a bit.