Ranking still affected by mistaken "timed out" game


lost 70-odd points from a game which timed out during the update – the game itself is back live now, thanks to Support for fixing that! Still affecting my ranking though (and also still have a message on my profile about “recently timed out during a game”).


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I have the same thing, and have flagged the game for moderator attention: https://online-go.com/game/view/7229394

A little more worryingly, I have completed a ranked tournament game since the upgrade settled, but received no rating points for it: https://online-go.com/game/view/7443160

Interestingly, the second game also does not show up on my “you have won x games against jziller” tab thingy. It’s like the game finished (because I can see it in my finished games list), but the result did not get recorded anywhere else. It’s possible this has broken the tournament it comes from also.

Bumping this because it still needs addressing. Not least because, during the server upgrade issues that led to this timeout, I now have the “T” flag that I believe means that I won’t be able to gain rating points from the next game, or more.


Me too. A kind moderator gave me back the rating points I missed because of the T flag and deflagged me (thanks), but not the huge chunk I lost for the original timeout (huge because it was a tournament game against a player four stones down). Help still required…


Sorry, I cannot turn off that flag. But don’t worry, when finishing a game ping me here and I’ll add you your points if you win :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll try to remember and keep an eye out – might be some time until my next correspondence game finishes.

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