Ranking system and game frequency

I have a question about the ranking system and how it operates with the number of games played (live games).
If I play one game a week for 10 weeks and win all 10 games, is it the same effect on rank as if I play 10 games in one day and win all 10 ?

I ask this because on KGS, if I play a lot of games, the rank becomes static.

Hi Halibut!

At the moment we use a system based on ranking, instead of rank. Similar to the ELO system.

That means that your rank will be applied to your ranking, thus rising and descending in the ranks much faster when winning/losing.

Has its advantages and disadvantages.

About your question: Prior games do not matter in your rank calculation.

To be specific, we use the EGF rating system ( http://online-go.com/docs/advanced-go-rules#ranks_and_ratings / http://senseis.xmp.net/?GoR ) which is essentially ELO with the ability to account for handicaps.

With EGF, when and how often you play doesn’t matter, you could play a hundred games in a day and after each game your rating / ranking is adjusted accordingly and immediately. Similarly, if you only play a game every couple of months, your rating / ranking isn’t going to change in between games, it’s only updated when you finish a game.

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Hi guys, thanks for your replies. If indeed the frequency of playing games does not affect the calculation, then this should encourage people to play more ranked games per day which I would regard as a very good thing.

It is very discouraging on KGS to think there is no point in playing more ranked games because the rank has become static and will not be affected win or lose.

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