Ranking system

I just played a game against a 6.5 while I was at 6.3 kyu. After I won my ranked dropped to 6.4.

The game was played on a 13x13 and I usually play 19x19, and I’m not sure if this affects anything, but its very confusing, any advice? Besides not to care about the rank :sweat_smile:

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  1. The shown ranks aren’t really accurate, as they are taken from the local cache, which doesn’t constantly refresh. Eventually, it will show your true rank, but right after the game, this may not happen.
  2. Before the ranking update, this could happen. How? Let’s say you, as a 6 kyu, win 5 games against 6 kyus. You then win a game against a 10 kyu. In this time, the kyus go down to 25 kyu. In the previous rating system, this would change your ranking change from those 5 games*, which would lower your ranking. I’m not sure how this applies in the current ranking system.
    *As long as those games are within the past 15 games. This happens because you may be facing opponents with inflated rank, e.g. an account who rockets up to 7 kyu only to fall to 15 kyu.

I don’t know why we even show rank percentages. If we’re going to have a semi-arbitrary set of 34 discrete ranks instead of revealing the underlying Glicko rating, we may as well be consistent in keeping them whole.

(We’d get less of these threads, as well…)

But we do reveal the underlying glicko rating…

It is true that if we kept rank discrete we’d have less scrutiny of rating fluctuation, but it would still be happening.

The fractional rank display helps answer the question “how far do I have to go to the next rank”

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