Hello, how can one gain places in the ladder ? I often see players with less elo than I ranked higher, and players with more ranked lower. What is the thing evaluated for ladders then ?

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You have to challenge and win.
If you win you take his place. Rating doesn’t matter.
More information in the FAQ-ladders

Ranking is by Kyu/Dan. The word can be used in different meaning (like you did) for position in the ladder.
Rating is the number calculated to give you the ranking in Kyu/Dan. It’s not elo but specific to OGS. No link with the position in the ladder.
All the games you play in the ladder will count in your rating.


Glicko is used in lots of places, not just OGS.

It’s kind of modified Glicko, isn’t it?

We basically just use stock Glicko-2.

Mr. Glickman makes recommendations about how best to run it and after various testing anoek also found them to be best. I think the only thing we don’t have is periodic sitewide calculating (opting instead to calculate after each game).


Ok then, thanks for precising.