Ranks displayed in Game History despite "hide ranks and ratings" being enabled in settings

If ranks/ratings have been hidden via settings, they still show up at the beginning of every line when viewing a user’s Game History section of the profile page.




@Eugene you missed a spot :heart:

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This is fixed now.


Nice improvement, thanks.
A small layout problem (on a mobile) with the switch which is well placed when “dehiding” but wrong when “rehiding” see below:


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Au I noticed another thing when switching on / off the rating.
When you put it back it only comes to yourself, it doesn’t appear with the names in games list down.

Hope it helps.

Can you post a screenshot?

Well it was already visible in my screenshot up, but I made here one more.
As the orange button shows, I put back the rating to show (this is the profile page). My rating do appear now but not the rating of my opponents ( in the running games and in the history too

Ah I see what you mean - I noticed that myself. I think that the intent of that “show ratings” button is only to temporarily show the ratings graph. it doesn’t turn off the setting that hides ratings in general.

I see. I dunno if it fits uses, I’m experimenting that awesome feature and I feel like sometimes you just want to switch back to some reality, and check for example the “value” of your wins (and losses).
But anyway you can do it with going back to parameters settings.

If keeping that configuration, maybe “show my rating” would be more appropriate?

It works in the same way also if you are looking at someone else’s profile, which is actually my main usage: I go to that page, look at past games and sometimes look at rank (I usually have that disabled).

So “my/his” ratings could be harder to do.

Ok I did check it before, but didn’t realize that you have to push the button again!
So the functionality works great, it’s just a bit obscure.