Ranks messed up

Hi All,
There is someting extremely wrong about ranks.
Recently, I was playing with someone, who’s rank was shown as 20. I always set my games to “auto handicap”, so there were 2 handicap stones on the board, and decreased komi (as I have rank of 14). Shortly after game started, I’ve noticed, that my opponent plays pretty well (which was fine with me). I’ve lost the game, and went to see my profile page. Surprisingly, on the games list, the rank of my opponent was 16, and not 20! Then, I visited a page of my opponet profile. As you more likely already understood, there were different ranks for games of different duration…
Well, maybe I’m missing something, but, IMHO, there is absolutely_impossible for one single person to have such a difference in rank for slow, and fast games - FOUR levels! Even more crusial is that there is NO distinct separation between fast and slow games. Imagine: changing game time from 10 minutes (for 9x9 board) to 8 minutes, brings your opponent 2 stones of handicap! Doesn’t it looks as a complete nonsense?
I hate to mention this, but some people could try to use this to get advantage over their opponent, as this seems to happen with goplayer025 (I asked him not to peak my games, but he continued).
This situation may seem too particular, and specific, but it’s not. I think, the idea of different ranks for games of different duration is terribly wrong, it messes up a lot. Please reconsider this, and bring back a SOLID RANK system.
Well, I probably would agree with having different rank for different borad sizes (but only for standard ones!), but even in this case, that difference should NEVER EXCEED a value of ONE.
Sorry about too big post,

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If you find someone who you believe is ranked incorrectly then report them via the “Call Moderator” button in the right hand menu.

Unfortunately, this happens way too often, IMHO.

What happens way too often is that people don’t use the options that OGS makes available to them to resolve the situation (call mod), but complain anyway, like the person who wrote “I won’t be back” on uservoice.

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Yes. That situation was a bit histrionic.

People should “call mod” more often. I, also, believe that making it a bit harder to make a new profile and start over with the sandbagging, trolling behavior would be in order. For example, tacking on alot more provisional games for all new profiles.

On KGS, there isn’t as much of it because people can tag trouble players and new profiles have a longer “wait period” (a ?) on their profile.

Obviously, I am here because I like this server better, overall.


This is a bit unintuitive to the normal user, but the Mods and Devs do indeed have ways to see and track if a user makes a new account, especially after they have been reported. Usually, they put the troublesome users on watch for a longer period of time, to prevent what you describe. When I was still a mod, the system was working very well - and I’m sure it still works.

This is why reporting is so important.