Rapid Go Tournament 2021 "FLASH" ⚡

:zap:Rapid Go Tournament 2021 “FLASH” :zap:
Start: Saturday, July 31, 2021 15:05

Clock: Japanese Byo-Yomi: The clock starts with a main time of 0 minutes, followed by 3 periods of 10 seconds.

1 Venue: This 2nd edition of the tournament will be played online (OGS / Grupo “Go Uruguay”) ⚡Torneo de Go Rápido 2021 "FLASH"⚡

2 Date: July 31, 2021

3 Referee: Osvaldo Rodríguez

4 Organized by: Uruguayan Federation of Go


6 Unique category

7 Tournament system: Round Robin 5 Rounds

8 Character: friendly.

Apply by invitation.

Japanese rules.

Automatic handicap.



1st place: Flash Trophy + 1 month of Dan support in OGS + “Rethinking the opening strategy” (book by Yuan Zhou).

2nd place: 1 month Kyu support in OGS + “The New Territorial Style” (book by Yuan Zhou).

3rd place: 3 months of 50% discount on your FUGo social fee + “The Chinese Opening” (book by Yuan Zhou)

Prize for the best young players: 1 month Kyu OGS support + “The Celestial Arsenal” (book by Lu Xuanyu) + “1320 Introductory problems of wéiqi” (book by Cho Chikun, Otake Hideo and Takemiya Masaki) + Game database in .sgf of Leela Zero (250,000 games) + “Tesuji” (book by James Davies) Folder with daily scoresheets go study.

Prize for female participation: 1 month Kyu support in OGS + Game database of Leela Zero .sgf (250,000 games) “Ke Jie vs. Park Junghwan ”(Yuan Zhou’s book).

Best game award (at the referee’s discretion): Leela Zero .sgf database (250,000 games)

NOTE: The prizes are not cumulative. The order of priority of the awards is established in these RULES. The organization undertakes to deliver said prizes within a period of no more than 10 days.

FULL DOCUMENT OF THE BASES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o4TOeCd7e8C8nrWlGR92uwuW21kR6a86/view?usp=sharing