Rated game against computer opponent

What is the use case for Rating a game against a Computer opponent?

I can’t see one. Can we deactivate this? I sometimes create games with Computer opponents to test some Ui/Server Behavior before submitting issues to github.

Fuego and GnuGo are provisional, so the human’s rank won’t change. The reason to play ranked anyway is to adjust bot’s rating based on wins/losses so it has a reasonably estimate of strength.

RoyalLeela is non-provisional because it has been reliable enough it doesn’t have the timeout issues the other bots sometimes have.

If you don’t want to play ranked games to test things out, don’t click the Ranked button?

Some people think all bots should be provisional forever, some like RoyalLeela being non-provisional, some feel rated game shouldn’t even exist as an option for bots. It won’t be possible to please everyone.


The very obvious use case of a rated game against a computer opponent is that one does not know one’s rank and wants to get it near the right rank before bothering human opponents. Another obvious use case are people who are anxious about playing human opponents and want to practice a bit with games that actually count.

Can “we” please not ask to remove options that “we” don’t use?

Just do not use it.


I think you want the ability to play unrated games against computers? So allowing users to pick rated or unrated games would work for you (and for others that want the games rated)?

Thanks. I understanding the usecase to rate the algorithms. And if the game result have no effect to my rating then there is no problem for me if I forgot to remove the “rated” setting.

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